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Cabbage Cases are manufacturers of Custom ATA Shipping cases, Carry Cases, ABS Light Duty Cases, Custom Buckles and Strap Cases. For over 50 Years we have been in business. Leaders in custom ATA shipping cases and carrying cases.  Give us a call or email us your requirements 614-486-2495.

About US

Cabbage Cases since 1971 have been proud to offer a large variety of Custom Shipping  cases, carrying cases, custom light duty shipping cases and  custom Buckles and straps cases. Cabbage Cases can help you along the way to design the right case for you. Give us a call or email us.  Phone 1-614-486-2495

Custom ATA Shipping Cases

When you need a durable ATA transit shipping case to ship and protect your equipment then cabbage Case would be the way to go. We can design your next heavy duty ATA Shipping case with many options, like Heavy duty caster wheels, Tilt wheels and pull out handle and various lock options. Recessed latches and handles.

Custom Trade Show Shipping Cases

With our Custom ATA Trade Show shipping Cases, you can depend on us to design your next trade show shipping case to your specifications. You can depend on us in making your shipping cases to protect your equipment and get your equipment to your next trade show or event. We design and manufacture custom shipping cases for trade show display, Banner stand cases, Trade show graphic cases, trade show flooring cases, pipe and drape cases, Accessories trade show cases and more!

Custom Light Duty Cases

When you need a shipping case or carrying case that is light duty and weighs much less than a standard ATA Shipping case, we can offer you ABS plastic light duty case. Our lightweight cases are made with ABS Plastic, Steel flat corners, Aluminum Valance, Custom Foam interior or fabric. We offer Light duty ABS cases with tilt wheels and pull-out handle for easy mobility. 

Custom Buckles and Straps Cases

Our Custom Buckles and Straps Cases are ideal for less fragile, lighter equipment and other items alike. These Buckles and Strap Cases can be transported under your own supervision via, cars, vans, trucks, or airlines.  As with all our custom-made cases, the size and interior are custom designed to fit your equipment. We can design your next Buckles and strap case to your specifications. Some of our buckles and strap cases: Trade show graphics cases, Light Box Cases | Portable display buckles and strap shipping cases, Graphic panel buckles and strap cases, Costumes Cases, other Light weight items and so much more. We offer Buckle and strap cases with tilt wheels and pull out handle as well. Our cases are made with; impact .103 ABS plastic thermoformed to shape, plated steel corners and handles, nylon straps and spring-loaded cushioned handles for easy and comfortable carrying.

Custom Rackmount Shipping Cases

We at Cabbage cases have an array of Rackmount Shipping cases and carrying cases. Our custom shipping cases can be manufactured in 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2 inch construction depending on size and weight of your equipment. Rack mount cases include shock-mounted or standard (non shock-mounted). Cases can be manufactured from 2U to 42 U in any depth you need.  Double wide racks available, Optional table legs can be mounted in the case lids. Every rack “U” is 1.75 inches of vertical rack able space with a standard width of 19″ EIA (Electronic Industry Association).  Custom widths are available and fabricated according to your needs. We offer Standard Double Cover Custom Rack Cases, Custom Rack in a cases, EZ shock rackmount cases, Custom Shockmount Rack Cases, Consol Rack Shipping Cases.