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LightFlite Cases | Light Duty Cases

Lightflite cases or our light duty cases are custom designed to protect your equipment when being transported under your own supervision.  Our light duty cases have recessed hardware, aluminum tongue and groove valance, on our light duty cases and more durable than our Buckles and Straps cases and can be shipped occasionally. We will use foam and carpet lining for a good custom fit for the inside of your case. the inside  Our light duty -Lightflite cases are generally 25-35% lighter than our Heavy-Duty shipping cases.

Give us a call if you would like to go over the design of your case that you need 614-486-2405 or email us your specifications and we will quote your case/s

Let Us know if you want a case similar to any of these sample cases

  • Hand carrying
  • Infrequent UPS/Fed-Ex
  • Air travel
  • Personal transport (Carry-on luggage, car, van, etc)

Features include:

  • Light weight
  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • Constructed of high impact, .103 thick ABS plastic, thermoformed to shape
  • plated steel corners, handles and latches
  • dust proof interlocking valance
  • shock absorbing foam interior

Note: Light duty shipping cases and light duty carrying cases are much lighter than a heavy duty case, making it much easier to move about.

Custom Light Duty Cases

When you need a shipping case or carrying case that is light duty and weighs much less than a ATA Shipping case, we can offer you ABS plastic light duty cases. Our lightweight cases are made with ABS Plastic, Steel flat corners, Aluminum Valance, Custom Foam interior or fabric. We offer Light duty ABS cases with tilt wheels and pull-out handle.

Example Types Of Light Duty Shipping and Carrying Cases:

  • Trade show banner stands cases
  • Small items light weight cases
  • Exhibit graphics Cases, Fabric graphics cases
  • Trade show displays
  • Small machines cases
  • Supply shipping cases
  • Printer carrying cases
  • Music instruments and accessories
  • Specialized custom interior cases And More!