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ZERO Cases

This company does it all in the realm of storage and shipping cases. Deep-drawn, custom containers and cases come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials—fabricated aluminum, injection-molded, roto-molded plastic cases, enclosures, and assemblies. ZERO provides solutions through a standard product line, customizes existing products, or engineers and manufactures protective case solutions from scratch.

ZERO cases are the workhorse of the storage shipping case industry. Its uniquely engineered, designed, and customized products are sold worldwide on most major case and container websites. Their selection runs the gamut from high-end aluminum cases, from industry to the military to almost any use you can think of for a lightweight, durable case or container. Fully customizable, ZERO cases can be anything you want them to be and more.

  • Centurion Style features high-strength, lightweight carrying cases with clean, simple, deep-drawn aluminum case shells.
  • Centurion MIL-Spec cases are available in a variety of heights, finishes, choice of closures, and three different panel mounting flanges.
  • Deep Drawn Aluminum cans, housings, and enclosures can be modified and customized according to exact specifications and applications.

The Stars of the Line

Modular and Reusable (Aluminum) Containers: The most popular cases available. All make exceptional reusable shipping and storage solutions custom engineered to meet your needs. As reusable, your first cost is your final cost when choosing these super-rugged shipping containers. Not only does the unique aluminum construction keep weight down, but their high strength-to-weight ratio provides maximum content protection at minimum shipping cost. Special features include:

  • Durability
  • Easy Assembly
  • Easy on shipping costs
  • Handle manually by crane, hoist, or forklift for stacking
  • Maximum shock isolation and environmental protection
  • Made to order
  • Completely customizable
  • Any size and configuration
  • Customize hardware on different containers

Val-AN 900 Series – In the Field: Versatile and rugged aluminum cases thoughtfully engineered to satisfy shipping and the protection requirements of rack-mounted electronics in the field.

Valuline Instrument Cases: Variations of internal panel mounting add versatility to the line of cases designed to hold electronics, electro-mechanical or sensitive instrumentation equipment.

Z-Roller cases: As the name implies, are a full line of cases customized with sturdy wheels to make any case, large or small, a breeze to handle.

ZERO In on the Case You Need

ZERO Manufacturing offers a complete line of shipping and storage cases engineered with the end-user in mind. Cases come with a variety of standard sizes and an array of customization options to meet and exceed the most demanding storage and shipping requirements. Cabbage Cases designs and manufactures cases for as many uses as you have. Got a question? Our knowledgeable case experts will help you select the right ZERO case for your needs. To place an order, check out our website at cabbagecases.com. To learn more about our company and other products, send us a message or call (614) 486-2495. Top of Form

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