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Remember your dad’s toolbox? Most likely, it was a simple affair, a metal box that held all the basic tools he needed to fix things around the house. Tool cases these days have changed—a lot. Designed for specific tool uses, modern cases are a lot more complex. Some are as large as a good size suitcase. In finishes both soft and hard shell, the right tool case looks professional and safely carries and organizes everything you need.  

Choosing the right tool case isn’t easy—so many styles and options. Buying the right one requires research. Chances are, your needs are different from the next pro. But if you value your tools, you want the case your tools are carried in to be organized and transported safely. If your work requires traveling, you’ll want a case that “travels well” and the tools to arrive in one piece. A whole range of companies make both hard and soft tool cases to fit any need, and most can be customized to specifications. Here’s some information that should make selecting the right tool case easier.

Styles and Types

Tool cases generally break down into several types:

  • Aluminum Cases (the lightest)
  • Carry Cases/Transit
  • Composite Rackmount
  • Injection-Molded
  • Mil-Spec
  • Modular
  • Rackmount Cases, Shock Isolated
  • Roto-Molded
  • Shipping
  • Soft-Sided
  • Thermoformed
  • Tradeshow

ATA Style Tool Cases: This style offers flexibility and is available in ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” construction. Cases include options such as casters, shelves and drawers, racks and colors, and custom foam interiors that keep tools separated, safe, and organized.

Deluxe Soft-Molded Cases: These cases feature construction utilizing ABS thermoplastic shell interior, quality leather-like vinyl exterior, and black anodized extruded aluminum frame for maximum strength. Many cases feature combination locks, cast bolts, and golf grip handles. The interior has one molded pallet, bottom divider, and deluxe literature pocket for guides and instructions. This rugged tool case looks like an attaché with identity power that shouts you’re a pro all the way.

Hard Shell or Soft Padded

If your job requires a serious number and variety of tools, hard-shell cases are the way to go. If they’re flying air freight, the protection a hard case offers is a must. However, some larger hard cases may not fit well into the back of your SUV. For that or other reasons, a soft case may work best.

Soft cases are generally lighter. Their pliable soft material makes them easier to store and stack if you transport them in the back of that aforementioned SUV. While you may store a significant number of tools in a larger tool case, there may be times when bringing the whole nine tool yards is unnecessary. In this case, considering several smaller cases makes sense.

Portable Cases

In a sense, all tool cases are portable. Well, almost all. You might have a rackmount that stays pretty stationary. However, most tool cases are meant to travel, but some indeed do so better than others. If your case is going to be on the go, you should consider its weight and its design to a great extent. A pretty large hardshell case might fit into the back of your car or van, but if you have to fly or send it here or there, the weight will be a costly issue. If you still need the hard case, selecting one made of the lightest aluminum material is usually the best choice.

Many Great Options

Cabbage Cases offers an outstanding selection of tool cases. Our knowledgeable case experts will help you select the right tool case for your needs. To learn more about tool cases and place an order, check out our website at cabbagecases.com. To learn more about our company and other products, send us a message or call (614) 486-2495.

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