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Today’s travel cases for electronic equipment include a wide range of styles and hard composites. Most are injection or rotational molded. Some are manufactured with thermoformed processes. No matter the process or materials, the goal is to create travel cases that will hold up well to the rigors of transport. While weight is always an issue (we like them as light as possible), adding wheels to cases adds another dimension of convenience. You know what we mean if you’ve ever run through an airport lugging carry-on. Today, companies including Pelican, Pelican-Hardigg, Bel-Air, Parker Plastics, and others offer an impressive selection of rolling cases, both damage proof and light on their feet.

Styles with Wheels

The sensible option is trunk models on wheels when transporting heavy, bulky, and cumbersome items or goods. Your delivery people will love them; those receiving them on the other end will too!

Heavy-Duty ATA Shipping Cases: Heavy-Duty Trunk style ATA shipping cases are available in 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch construction and are designed to meet ATA (Air Transport Association) standards. Cases can have optional casters, locks, etc., and be customized to any style. Cases are sold empty or customized for your special transport needs. Any of them work better with wheels.

  • Custom Trunk
  • Removable Lids
  • Clamshell
  • Long Trunk
  • Double Cover
  • POC Cases

You name it. Any large, medium or smallish trunk can be customized with wheels. The list above is just a sampling of popular standard wheeled cases.

Pelican: If it’s smaller to medium-sized cases with wheels you’re looking for, check out the Pelican stylish line of air cases available in the $150-$400 price range. All styles are completely customizable. Aside from wheels, cases can be customized with a variety of extras. Customizations include:

  • Blue handles and latches
  • Foam/No foam
  • Padded dividers
  • Waterproof hardshell “dry box”
  • Silver and Blue
  • Vault w/padded dividers
  • The Trekker
  • Pushbutton latches
  • Anthracite shell
  • Double rifle case
  • Camera case

There’s even a case on wheels for transporting vinyl records.

Why Hard cases with Wheels?

Many people equate wheels with significant transport cases. Nowadays, most manufacturers will suggest the addition of wheels even on smaller cases. According to studies, cases are generally handled with more care if they can be easily moved. Large cases without wheels are more likely to suffer abuse from freight loaders.

Some case manufacturers also suggest buying a larger case customized to carry everything you need to transport. No worries, they will be too heavy. Remember: there are always wheels. Large cases with wheels work best for trade shows, where business reps are often left to deal with several transport cases. In this situation, one larger case with wheels containing everything needed to set up a table makes sense. Items packed separately also have a better chance of getting separated and lost in transit.

A Word from Cabbage Cases

Cabbage Cases has a full line of rolling cases, offering the best and most popular styles from Pelican and other respected case manufacturers. Need a custom case? We can do that too. Got a question? Our knowledgeable case experts will help you select the rolling case for your needs. To learn more about rolling cases and to place an order, check out our website at cabbagecases.com. To learn more about our company and other products, send us a message or call (614) 486-2495. Top of Form

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