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Custom LCD Monitor Shipping Case

Custom LCD Monitor Shipping cases by Cabbage Cases

Custom LCD Monitor Shipping Cases with caster wheels and custom foam interior for each monitor. We can design and produce your next monitor shipping case from 30″ -84″ wide LCD monitors. On some monitor road case we can put two or three monitors per case depending on the size of each monitor.  ATA monitor shipping cases great for trade shows, events and storge. Please see a few samples below.

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30″-36″ Monitor Shipping Cases with tilt wheels and pull out handle or if you have a few monitors to go in a case, Then  larger custom monitor case with 4-Caster Wheels would be needed.

40″ – 65″ Monitor Shipping Cases with lift off top and four wheel casters.  Need 1monotor in a case a few monitors in a case.

70″ -84 ” Monitor Shipping Cases with a removable sidewall for easy loading and easy, Four extra heavy duty caster wheels.

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Custom LCD Monitor Shipping Cases by Cabbage Cases

we specialize in making our custom monitor shipping cases from 32″ – 84″ Monitors, Many with caster wheels and small cases with tilt wheels and handle. We can put one monitor or a few monitors in a case depending on the size of the monitor.

Custom ATA Shipping cases made with Plywood and laminated with ABS Plastic, Aluminum Valance and steel corners, recessed latches and handles. All cases are customized with foam and fabric to protect your display and display goods.  We  also have 4-Wheels heavy duty casters or tilt wheels and extension handle for our monitor trade show cases. Give us call and we will be gladly help you on your next monitor shipping cases. Phone : 614-486-2495

Feel free to check out our sister site for more stock options: www.CustomCases.com