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Trunk Style Road Shipping Case, Example D

Trunk Style Road Shipping Case

  • 3/8” ATA case
  • Trunk style case with hinged lid
  • Custom color blue exterior
  • This case is carpet lined with a partition down the middle – Interior can be finished to meet your needs
  • Optional 4 swivel casters on bottom of case
  • Custom stencil on front
  • Trunk style cases are ideal for all types of equipment, including tradeshows, sound and lighting, medical, music, etc.
  • Feel free to call us about your next Trunk Style Road Shipping Case  614-486-2495

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Trunk style road cases

Custom Trunk Style Shipping Case with a hinge lid or a removal lid. We can custom design and quote your next Trunk Style Road shipping case or carrying case any size and quantity.

Trunk Style Road Shipping Case, Example D