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Pelican-Hardigg Cases

The quality reputation of Pelican in the case manufacturing industry is legendary. Hardigg has also made its mark. Together they offer cases that stand up to the harshest environments – cases built to protect the equipment inside no matter the conditions. If your equipment requires exceptional protection against mechanical shock, vibration, and extreme temperature changes, or it needs complex foam cushioning or other custom features, Pelican-Hardigg has the transport solution.

The Pelican-Hardigg Connection

The world’s leading plastic injection molded protective cases manufacturer, Pelican Products, purchased Hardigg in 2006. Pelican’s reputation as the manufacturer of indestructible injection molded cases made it the perfect partnership. Hardigg is well known for its high-end Roto-molded shipping cases used by the military, consumers, public safety officers, and the industrial sector. As the first company to manufacture airtight, watertight, and virtually indestructible containers, it has lent its technology to Pelican products like Pelican Storm—cases known worldwide for advanced protection in extreme environments.

Pelican-Hardigg cases span the range of Pelican’s product line.

  • Single lid
  • Rackmount
  • Military/Government
  • Inter-stacking Pattern USP Cases
  • Tote cases
  • Skidmates

In the single lid category, cases include cube-shaped designs appreciated for their exceptionally deep interiors shaped for flange mounts. Others are available in longer, slimmer designs as well as tower shapes. All Pelican-Hardigg cases come with lids guaranteed to protect interiors from harsh environments and water damage.

Cases for the Military

The military/government connection with Pelican-Hardigg is no accident. When looking for solutions for shipping and storing equipment for battle situations, Pelican-Hardigg cases are a mainstay. The sheer number of cases sold to the military is telling; it speaks volumes about the unchallenged quality of its products. The company offers a large selection of National Stock Number (NSN) Cases used by the Army. All Army Equipment NSN cases can be purchased directly using Pelican-Hardigg NSN Cases GSA # GS-16F-0019M. Purchase is available for the Army and other qualified buyers only.

Roto-mold Cases

Roto-molded cases are specifically designed to withstand extremely tough and rugged environments. The process allows for custom molded cases that are airtight, waterproof, and shock and vibration resistant. Since they can be used within a broad range of environments, Roto-molded cases are utilized by the world’s elite forces, militaries, professionals, and amateurs alike in numerous fields. A classic and popular example is the Pelican-Hardigg Classic-V and Super-V cases available in 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, and 9U with a 33″ rack depth. Roto-mold cases are used in a variety of environments. Roto-mold case uses include:

  • Medical instrumentation
  • Electronics
  • Broadcast equipment
  • Oceanography devices
  • Environment gear
  • Trade show materials

Pelican-Hardigg cases can be customized to meet various specifications and requirements for:

  • Airline transportation (ATA 300 Category 1)
  • Federal standards
  • Mil-Specs

Single lid cases: These are rack-mountable. They are ideal for storing precision test equipment, medical and biological equipment, memory storage devices, flight simulators, and more.

Rackmount cases: Equipped with hard-as-rock walls, these endure repeated drops without damaging contents.

Great Options with Pelican-Hardigg Cases

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