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Pelican Cases: A Class Above

As the Pelican website claims, the company and its products are known worldwide for their “Uncompromising cases for the ultimate adventure.” And that’s true. The company does make cases for those addicted to challenging the outdoors. Pelican offers a wide selection of cases with unlimited functions. Cases run the gamut of uses from luggage and picnics and outdoor activities to personal carry and serious heavy-duty shipping cases and containers. The name itself represents a global trademark synonymous with quality when it comes to storage, carry, and commercial shipping cases.

The Pelican cases are divided into two groups: Generic and Professional.

Generic cases include:

  • Cargo
  • Pelican Air
  • Protector Case
  • Storm Case
  • Personal Utility
  • Vault
  • Trek Kits

Professional cases include those for the following industries:

  • Military/Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Industrial/Petroleum
  • Aviation/Aerospace
  • Fire Safety
  • Medical Solutions

If you think this covers practically every possible need, you’re right. But lately, another industry has taken precedence: The Peli BioThermal group of products.

The Peli BioThermal Innovation

In today’s exploding biomedical marketplace, the supply chain for cell and gene therapies is challenging. Pelican cases provide the optimal safe solutions for storage and transport for the biomedical treatments patients need to survive. The temperature in transport is critical. Pelican’s Peli BioThermal packaging represents the most reliable temperature-controlled shipping. BioThermal’s full range of cool packaging eliminates hot and cold spots, locking in the ideal temperature range for up to 120 hours. 

Pharmaceutical Drugs: Whether working with small molecule or large molecule biologic drugs, both require precise temperature control. Peli BioThermal provides specially constructed cases that protect payloads ranging from sub -65 degrees Celsius to ambient room temperature. EMS practitioners need tools to be successful in their work. Peli BioThermal’s temperature-controlled packaging solutions keep life-saving blood products within 1-10 degrees Celsius, the range required by many regulatory agencies.

Military Solutions—Golden Hour™ Mobile Containers: When the U.S. Army issued a request for proposal (RFP) seeking a way to store life-saving blood and platelets for emergency use on the battlefield, Peli BioThermal answered the call. Golden Hour™ Mobile containers carry up to four units of blood at the correct temperature for up to 72 hours. The containers won the 2003 US Army’s Greatest Invention Award.

From refrigerator cases for the biomedical community, shipping cases for industry and government, luggage cases, and items for personal use, Pelican offers hundreds of cases for every use and need. For companies, Pelican shipping cases are guaranteed to protect products from the rigors of transportation by air or ground. Face it; once your goods leave your hand, you can never tell what will happen to them. Guarded by Pelican, you can rely on the best protection in any eventuality.

Many Pelican Options

Cabbage Cases is a proud distributor of Pelican cases in a wide array of styles, fully customizable upon request. Got a question about Pelican cases? Our knowledgeable case experts will help you select the right case for your needs. To learn more about Pelican cases and to place an order, check out our website at cabbagecases.com. To learn more about our company and other products, send us a message or call (614) 486-2495. Top of Form

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