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Let’s Talk Shipping Cases

When it comes to shipping, how you ship is at least as important as who is doing the shipping. No matter how well you’ve packed things, they will not get to their destination intact in inferior shipping cases. There are only two options: the right one and the wrong one. A good packing technique will only get you so far in inferior or wrong style cases. Poor quality cases can lead to annoying complaints on the other end: items were damaged; shipping cases arrived broken, dented. You end up taking the financial hit. If you planned to use the equipment, you could be facing a big replacement bill, not to mention a serious setback to your bottom line.   

In this time when ships can sit offshore for days, you at least want the comfort of knowing what’s inside them is safe. Even shipping domestically has its risks. No one knows how careful shipping company employees, including the USPS, are. As a friend who works for an airline loading freight once admitted: “fragile means don’t drop over 20 feet!” That kind of makes the point.

Shipping cases are an asset to your business’s success. But it can be difficult to know what shipping case is the right one.

The Main Shipping Case Options

  • Aluminum cases
  • Roto-Mold
  • EXOCase
  • Flight cases

Aluminum cases: The best but sturdy protective shipping case for freight applications where weight is a factor, such as airfreight. Most cases feature handles for easy handling, secure clasps, and catches so the lids can be pad-locked. Stacking corners eliminate movement during transit. Wheels, castors, and dollies can be added. Aluminum is generally easy, rust-proof, and has a high shock/impact rating. Unlike plastic cases, which can become brittle, aluminum stands up well to high and low temperatures.

Aluminum cases have a downside. They are more pricey than other materials. If you plan to use the case more than once, it can begin to look a bit worn quickly. If you are transporting items prone to static charges, you’ll have to take an extra step and include approved ESD-safe foam packing.

Roto-mold: This is the best case for heavy-duty shipping. The complete opposite of aluminum cases, Roto-mold or rotationally molded cases are heavy and expensive.  However, if your items simply cannot become damaged in transit (for example, critical military communications equipment or very high value/specialist parts or products), then roto-mold cases provide the highest level of protection. Other benefits include:

  • Completely watertight (IP Rating)
  • Exceptionally tough and tested to military standards
  • Good cushioning protection for their contents if enhanced with custom foam inserts 
  • Best for shipping long distances
  • Molded lid pattern allows for different sizes to be stacked together

EXOCase:  A dust and waterproof flight case lighter and more cost-effective than the Roto-mold. These flight cases can be manufactured to a specific size, thus eliminating extra freight costs. Handles and wheels can be added. Arguably the most attractive shipping cases, most can be custom-made in colors.

Flight Cases: The next step down from the EXOCase, offers a decent level of protection when combined with foam inserts. They are considerably less durable than either Roto-mold or EXOCase. 

Many Shipping Case Options

Cabbage Cases designs and manufactures custom shipping cases for as many uses as you have shipping needs—all from one convenient location. We also carry national brands: Pelican, Pelican-Storm, and SKB. Got a question? Our knowledgeable case experts will help you select the right case for your needs. To learn more about shipping cases and to place an order, check out our website at cabbagecases.com. To learn more about our company and other products, send us a message or call (614) 486-2495. Top of Form

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