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Aluminum Shipping Cases

Regardless of what you are shipping, you want the right case for the job. Throughout the industry, it is hard to find many companies that do not prefer aluminum. Naturally, depending on what you’re shipping can determine your choice of cases. But on average, an aluminum case gives you everything you want and more.

Aluminum is simply the best lightweight, sturdy, and protective shipping case for freight applications where weight is a factor, such as airfreight. Most cases feature handles for easy handling, secure clasps, and catches so the lids can be pad-locked. Stacking corners eliminate movement during transit. Wheels, castors, and dollies can be added for ease of movement. No more lugging around unwieldy cases. Aluminum is generally easy to keep clean, rust-proof, and has a high shock/impact rating. If your case is dropped, its content will remain safely intact. While plastic cases can become brittle, aluminum stands up to extremely high and low temperatures.

Aluminum cases are also completely reusable. A superior blend of performance characteristics, including low weight, good cubic volume, and other outstanding temperature performance, make aluminum cases hard to beat. These qualities include:

  • Highly customizable
  • Recyclable
  • Easily fabricated without costly tooling.

Why do so many shipping customers choose aluminum?

  • Light in weight with a high strength-to-weight ratio  
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Insensitive to temperature 
  • Protects electronics 
  • Excellent heat dissipation 
  • Suited to harsh environments 
  • Low-cost customization

How does it compare to other materials?

There are two essential criteria for reusable shipping cases. First, they must be able to protect what they are shipping. Second, they have to be cost-effective. If your shipping cases don’t fit either of these criteria, you should consider switching to aluminum. Aluminum shipping cases protect better and, as reusable, are more cost-effective than wood or plastic. If you have valuable cargo, you can’t go wrong with aluminum.

A question of mechanical properties

What makes aluminum so desirable to use? These attributes and more:

  • Aluminum alloy’s strength to weight ratio rivals that of steel, so a case made from aluminum is almost as strong as a steel case but is less than half the weight.
  • Its malleability makes it easy to shape and form into cases of any custom size and shape.
  • It absorbs the energy from impacts better than materials, including steel or wood. 
  • A dent in aluminum means the case has absorbed the impact, not its content.
  • It will not corrode, withstand water temperature, resist UV rays, and quickly ground static electricity.
  • Aluminum is hygienic and easy to clean. No worries about what it has come into contact with along the way.
  • Wash it and reuse it. No problem.

Aluminum it is!

With modern machining, aluminum cases can be produced quickly and inexpensively. While more expensive than plastic or wood, its durability makes up the difference. With proper care, aluminum cases will be around for years. If a type is no longer needed, the case is easily repurposed by changing its foam inserts—no worries when the time has come, and the case is badly damaged.  Aluminum is a completely recyclable material.

Many great options

Cabbage Cases designs and manufactures custom shipping cases for as many uses as you have shipping needs—all from one convenient location. We also carry national brands: Pelican, Pelican-Storm, and SKB. Got a question? Our knowledgeable case experts will help you select the right case for your needs. To learn more about aluminum cases and to place an order, check out our website at cabbagecases.com. To learn more about our company and other products, send us a message or call (614) 486-2495. Top of Form

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