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1485AIR Pelican Air Case

{Description}Pelican™ Air cases are designed to cut weight without compromising durability and strength. Drop tested and submerged to assure ruggedness and airtight construction, the lightweight HPX™ resin cases will last a lifetime, and we guarantee them that long as well. Available with no foam, cubed foam, divider set and the new Trekpak variable divider system.

Inside dimensions 17.75 x 10.18 x 6.15 Exterior Dimensions 19.17 x 12.80 x 6.89 Weight (no foam) 4.57 lbs.

Available in color black only until 2017.


Features include:

* Automatic purge valve
* Business card holder
* Lifetime guarantee
* Compares to 1500 Pelican case

1485AIR Pelican™ Air Case

Ref: 1485AIR

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