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Why Rackmount cases?

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Rackmount cases are manufactured to accommodate the standards of the E. I. A. (Electronics Institute of America) and offer the convenience of devising a custom layout by mounting your equipment in a stacked position and operating it in the manner in which it was intended to be used. That is, allowing you to use your equipment while it remains inside the case, saving both space and valuable set-up time while continuing to protect your equipment during operation. With removable doors, your equipment is easily accessible from both the front and rear. Therefore, all you need to do is remove the doors, plug in the power, and you're ready to go.

Cabbage Cases has been manufacturing rackmount cases for over 20 years and is continually developing new technologies in order to manufacture the strongest, most protective case the audio visual industry, industrial engineers, and the entertainment industry demands.

double cover rackmount case Double Cover Rack

Manufactured according to our Heavy-Duty (ATA Style) specifications, the Double Cover Rackmount case offers the convenience of the rackmount design and offers protections when transporting your equipment under your own supervision such as an automobile or company truck/van. When size, weight, and budget are of the most importance, this is the style for you.

EZ Shock Rack Double Cover EZ Shock Rack

This case is manufactured according to our Heavy-Duty (ATA Style) specifications and is a hybrid between a standard double cover amp rack (described above) and the full Shockmount rack (described below). Rack rails are supported on motor mounted plastic side panels - offering protection when shipping your equipment through common carriers, though light enough to be carried around town. When size, weight, and budget are the most important, and you can't afford to sacrifice durability, the EZ Shock rackmount case is the style for you.

double cover shockmount amp rack Double Cover Shockmount Rack

While the outer shell of this case is manufactured to our Heavy-Duty (ATA Style) specifications, this style of rackmount case contains an inner rack which is isolated from it's outer shell by a shock absorbing mechanism combining foam and rubber motor mounts. This case offers the convenience of the Double Cover Rackmount case while offering the protection of shipping your equipment under the more strenuous conditions of common carriers such as air freight and trucking companies.

rack in a lift off lid case Rack In A Case

When your shipping needs and formal presentations must work together, the rack in a lift-off lid case, a combination which allows you to completely remove the rack from the foam lined case and place it onto a table or other surface, offers the protection and versatility you need. This combination offers protection of shipping your Clear finish oak rack equipment under the more strenuous conditions of common carriers, while allowing the inner rack to remain cosmetically clean and to be utilized in small presentation spaces once removed from the case.
Available options include casters, keylocks, rear rails, and table legs which are mounted into one or both of the lids to form a table.


We custom manufacture all of our cases, so we can manufacture your rack to your specific needs.

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Download a 4 page brochure in PDF format just about Rack Mount Cases. This page also includes a question and answer chart to aid in determining the options when ordering.

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