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Cabbage Cases offers a variety of options to customize your case even further. Either our exclusive Tilt-wheels and Extension Handle option or caster option will allow you to easily move your case around, while our locks offer a certain security you may need.

Case w/ keylock and tilt wheels and extension handle options


Rugged 3-inch Neoprene tilt-wheels are engineered into the case structure. Pushing or pulling your case glides you smoothly through the airport or boardroom. Available on almost any case.

Tilt wheel option

Extension Handles

The chrome plated steel extension handle pulls out and locks into place for easy transporting -- and slides back and locks inside the case when not in use. Also available on almost any case.

Extension handle option


We offer optional locks on all Heavy-Duty and LightFlite Cases. Combination locks or key-lockable latches are available to protect your valuable investment.

Recessed keylock Combination lock


Download a printable summary page in PDF format just about the Tilt-Wheels and Extension Handle options.

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