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This page is dedicated to our LightFlite case. This style of case is designed and manufactured to LightFlite Casesprovide protection when hand carrying and shipping your equipment under your own supervision. (Carry-on luggage, car, van, internal corporate use.) This style of case is constructed of tough, .098 ABS plastic, thermoformed to shape. Extremely rugged and durable, but as the name implies, they're much lighter than traditional cases.

Below is a diagram of our LightFlite case construction.

LightFlite Construction


Cabbage cases custom manufactures carrying and shipping cases to your specifications in any size and quantity. LightFlite Cases Please contact one of our case professionals with design questions and to receive a price quote. Each case is priced individually, thus to provide you with a quote we need to know how the case is going to travel and either the dimensions the case needs to be or the dimensions of each item to be contained.

View our options page to see available add-ons, such as locks and wheels.


Learn more about both, the Heavy-Duty, and LightFlite case styles. This 4 page printable brochure is in PDF format.

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