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The following is a presentation of our Buckles & Straps Telescoping Lid cases. This style of Cabbage case is recommended for transporting your equipment under your own supervision via car, van or corporate truck/plane.

Customers have found these cases to be great for transporting graphics, costumes, panels, displays, signs, portfolios, lightboxes, and exhibits. These, of course, are only some examples. Buckles & Straps Cases Our Buckles & Straps Telescoping Lid cases are manufactured from the finest materials. Each case is constructed of high impact .098 ABS plastic with plywood reinforced side panels, stamped zinc-plated steel corners, nylon straps and spring loaded cushioned handles for easy and comfortable carrying. When your case is lined with any of our various thicknesses and densities of foam padding, your investment will be protected.


We custom manufacture all of our cases, so if you need special interior work such as horizontal or vertical dividers, we can meet your specific requirements.

Download a 2 page brochure in PDF format just about Buckles & Strap Cases. This page also includes a planning chart to help in determining the options when ordering.

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